Rich Features

Features That Work For You!

Apps are emailed
to you

When you have clients sign-up for your events, you need to know who they are! One of our core features is that the apps will be sent to YOUR email. Knowing your attendance is important so you can be ready to give them a great experience. It’s convenient to have the notices in your inbox.

Get paid directly to
your merchant account

Getting paid is crucial and who enjoys waiting for their money? When you use EZEventApp, the payments made will go directly to your merchant account. Having no delays from our app makes getting paid instant! That is a big burden lifted off your plate so you can focus more on your event.

App Event

EZEventApp helps you manage your event with tools built into your admin. It’s like a digital assistant that works to keep you on track. With all the things that go into planning a good event, it is great to have some extra support. Now that your event is managed, you can start to grow and achieve more success.


Learning is a part of the process. Getting reports can help you develop your analytics. Being informed will give you more control to make greatness happen. Knowing where your event needs attention will make you look involved and on-top of situations. Having insight can assist you on where to increase marketing.


You can now do your jury process right inside the EZEventApp admin. During your event, you can make notes and then select your winners and areas of interest. This is another feature that assist you in streamlining your event. Our app features are designed to make you look organized.

Booth Assignment

Assign booths on your time so you can maximize your space. By having appropriate interests grouped together or strategically placing your vendors in hi-traffic areas; you can gain repeat business and charge accordingly. One more thing that makes you look good will go a long way. EZEventApp is here for you!


Chargebacks can be very time consuming and affect your reputation. Dealing with them correctly and in a timely manner can make the difference on how people view your events. The Chargeback Management feature will provide you the information to deal with this issue quickly.


When you draw crowds, you need to consider your parking concerns. Whether you are charging for parking or it is free, this detail can be crucial to the success of your event. Your clients and vendors want their customers to come relaxed and ready to buy. Managing your parking will make things “EZ” for everyone.

Dedicated Event

You are a very busy event planner/producer. While we have strived to make EZEventApp convenient and easy, sometimes you still need help using and navigating in our app's environment. We can provide you a dedicated person to make sure you get the maximum benefit from our App.

Web Page

Sure - we all use Facebook and Twitter to let people know about our events. However, having a website sets you apart and gives you a more established appearance. We can design you an event page for your prospects to get the complete details. We also have extended services if you want to turn this into a full-blown website.


In addition to an event web page, we can provide you with social media marketing. You can have a great event but if nobody can find it and attend then you are spinning your wheels. This marketing features makes sure you are engaging your audience and getting them interested in coming to your event.

Full Service

You have great ideas and are making things happen. Now you have an event in mind and you need us to handle everything for you. We offer full service management that gets you all features listed and peace of mind. We will work with you to make sure you have a successful event.

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