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Bronze Level

$2 per App

Sign Ups sent to your email

Silver Level

$5 per App

Sign Up with Basic Management tools and reports

Gold Level

$10 per App

Sign Up with Full Management from Jury process to booth assignments

Platinum Level

$15 - $25 per App

Sign Up with Full Management
(All other perks ie. Mobile App, Social Media Promotion)

Pricing Options

Levels To Fit Any Budget

Pay monthly or annually. Annual payments will receive a 15% Discount. Bronze level is only $5 per app with emails sent when completed. Silver gives you App management and reporting. Gold adds Jury Process, Chargeback Management, Booth Assignment and Parking assignment. With Platinum, You get all that plus a dedicated event coordinator with Facebook and Twitter Marketing

Pay Per

You can pay by the number of signups. Adiitionally, you can have that cost paid by your customers. One thing that makes our service very unique, you will get paid directly to your merchant account. This saves you major amount of time and the anxiety of waiting for your money.

Pass Signup Cost To Your Registrants

At the top platinum level, you get the full potential of our services and a whole lot more. Having a dedicated coordinator makes very simple to smoothly ran event. With the addition of social marketing of Facebook and Twitter, you also get a website. You also have access to other design services at $35 per hour over our regular fee of $75 per hour.

Benefits and Features Free Tier Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Apps are emailed to you
Get paid directly to your merchant account
App Event Management
App Reporting
Jury Process
Chargeback Management
Booth Assignment Management
Parking Management
Dedicated Event Coordinator
Event Web Page
Twitter Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Full Service Management

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